About the Commuter

The Commuter is a weekly student-run newspaper for Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. We are financed by student fees and advertising. Opinions expressed in The Commuter do not necessarily reflect those of the LBCC administration, faculty, and associated students of LBCC. Editorials, columns, letters, and cartoons reflect the opinions of the authors.


Meet Our Staff

Adviser: Rob Priewe
Editor-in-Chief: Dakota Gange
Layout Designer: Kailyn McQuisten
Marketing & Advertising Director: Sean Ramos
Assistant Marketing & Advertising Director: Alicen Arsenault
Ad Designer: Naomi Thomas
Photography Editor: Sabrina Dedek
Arts &Entertainment Editor: Leah Biesack
Arts &Entertainment: Steven Pryor
Sports Editor: Logan Hannigan-Downs
Student Voice Editor: Avery Leon-Castillo
Webmaster: Marci Sischo
     Chrissy Veach
     Brenda Autry
     Jessica Dover

Last Updated: February 2022