Adobe Max Creative Conference 2022: One Contributor’s Experience

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Adobe Max Creative Conference, which took place Oct. 17 – 20 in Los Angeles, and it was amazing!

What is Adobe Max?

If you are an aspiring photographer, videographer, graphic designer, or any other type of digital creative, you’ve most likely heard of or used Adobe software. Adobe is the brand behind programs like Photoshop, Premier, InDesign and Illustrator. These programs are used by creatives from around the world to create everything from YouTube videos and Instagram posts, to Hollywood blockbusters and the posters that promote them. Every October, these same creatives – and a bunch of aspiring creatives, too – gather for three days of learning, networking and world-class entertainment at Adobe Max. 

I first attended Adobe Max in 2020 when it was held virtually and was completely free to attend. The sessions that were offered and the things I learned really motivated me to start creating in completely new ways and got me hooked on photography and videography. I attended virtually again in 2021 and, again, was so inspired to create. So this year, when they returned to their in-person conference, I was so excited to get the opportunity to go.

Attendees are given a list of sessions and hands-on labs to register for before the conference. These cover every type of software Adobe has to offer, and they even offer sessions focused more on the skills needed to create, rather than the editing process. All the sessions and labs are taught by industry-leading experts and even some famous creators. 

Between sessions, attendees can browse through the community pavilion where dozens of booths are set up, many of which showcase creative products from Adobe. There are tons of cool things to see and experience. One booth offers professional headshots, while others offer things like screen-printing a t-shirt, designing digital art, learning to create things in 3D, making a video with a green screen, and so much more! Plus, there is tons of free swag – I left with two bags of freebies!

In addition to sessions, there are several keynotes to attend that are hosted by the execs and creatives behind Adobe. These show you the power and possibilities of what can be done with Adobe software and are so fun and hyped up that you can’t help but leave inspired. There is also an “Adobe Sneaks” presentation that showcases what Adobe is working on. This is usually hosted by a celebrity –  this year it was Kevin Hart.

The most anticipated part of Max though, is definitely the Max Bash. On the second day of the conference after the Sneaks presentation, everyone is invited to one of the coolest parties on the planet. This year’s Bash did not disappoint! It included so much amazing food, drinks (for those over 21), and an incredible atmosphere to meet and socialize with other creatives. Oh, and world famous D.J. Steve Aoki and 21 Pilots gave private performances! 

Adobe Max is really an amazing place to learn, network, create and have fun! If you’re interested in learning more about Adobe’s products and how to improve your skills, Adobe Max may be worth it for you. Student tickets are really affordable – they were just $295 this year and that includes breakfast and lunch on conference days. Attendees also get discounted hotel rates for hotels nearby, and free transportation to and from your hotel to the conference center. You can learn more about the conference and dates for next year at

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