Wellness Wednesday – Befriend Your Body

Hey, what’s that thang carrying around your chattering monkey mind all day?  Given it any love lately?
Today’s wellness tip is an easy one, because there are so many small ways to carry it out.  https://4.bp.blogspot.com/_zyA6_Q2STsE/TSLBBtQeLSI/AAAAAAAABRI/Cow2TK28P1o/s320/165.JPG

  1. Don’t forget the body wants to MOVE! America is more sedentary than ever, and the effects on health (and loneliness!) are cumulative. We’re faced daily with stressors, but fighting and fighting aren’t good options, so those stress chemicals just sit around and stew and inflame. Give your body a little exercise.  Take a walk around campus or in the woods, go to the gym (we’ve got a great one on campus), take a dance or fitness class. Or just dance to some hip-hop or Motown in your kitchen. Here’s a link to LB fitness resources: Sports & Recreation | LBCC (linnbenton.edu) 
  2. Eat something wonderful that’s locally made or grown and doesn’t have too many ingredients.  Think about how the sun became it and it is becoming you.  My, you look lovely in that kale. Give your body a break from overly processed snacks. Visit a local farmers’ market for luscious local fresh foods and taste the difference.

  3. Shine on, you crazy diamond.  Get some sun. Try for a least 20 minutes a day on arms, hands, face to generate that D for bone health and to fight off depression.  Find out why here:  Linus Pauling’s Vitamin D page.
  4. Give some extra special love to a body part that’s giving you trouble. How about a nice hot bath?  A professional massage?  A pedicure?  This is basically a thank you present to your body for doing all the labor. No tub, no cash? Reserve the wellness room above the library and do some yoga or sink into the massage chair. 
  5. Try some relaxation and breathing practices to help release the tension of modern life.  Here’s three from Dr. Weil’s page:  http://www.drwei.com/drw/u/ART00521/three-breathing-exercises.html
  6. Don’t forget SLEEP! Most of us run on a sleep deficit. Sleep is when body repairs, new information consolidates, and hormones regenerate. More on this in an upcoming article.

Have ideas I should have included? Email me: svobodj@linnbenton.edu. Meanwhile, get out there and take care of yourself!

Feature Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

Jana Svoboda

Advising Faculty, LBCC. Clinical Social Worker, mental health educator, lover of the natural world and certified member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.