OhVee: A Rising Star in the Music World

From LBCC student to a star in the making, Oliver Vatcoskay also known as OhVee is steadily rising in the musical world. Recently he’s had guest performances with the popular rappers Yung Bans and F1lthy who each have more than half a million listeners. 

He also recently opened for the popular artist BIGBABYGUCCI at Madame Lous in Seattle, Washington. As always, creating connections with popular artists is a must in the music industry and OhVee is steadily building that ladder into the stars.

Born in Las Vegas, he moved to the Albany area in 2013 with his love of music already brewing. His goals have flourished with the support of his family and friends throughout the years. 

When he was young he mixed pre-existing songs and now he mixes his own original music, sometimes with popular artists. Originally listening to rock music like Metallica and Santana he gradually shifted to rap where he would end up finding his voice. OhVee attended LBCC in the fall and soon dropped out as he realized that college didn’t align with his current goals in music.

Why did you decide to attend LBCC?

What originally helped me decide to go to LBCC was the opportunities and the structure, like the lifestyle transfer from high school to college. I was a little bit worried about coming into the real world with everything happening. I think I joined it to make myself feel more comfortable going into a new thing, being able to meet more people, and those kinds of things.

What was a defining moment where you decided to leave LBCC?

I would say just not attending my classes. I kind of realized that whatever path, I should kind of just go all in with the path I wanted to take and not be scared to take risks and leave college, because I think that that’s a big risk. It’s even a big risk to start but to leave is even bigger.

How did you come up with your stage name “Ohvee”?

It’s both of my initials spelled out. Like O-H-V-E-E and then Oliver Vatcoskay.

What artists helped create your love of music and do you want to collaborate with any of them?

I was raised listening to Bob Marley, Metallica, and Santana and then I slowly started to transition into rap music. I would say my most defining artist is Frank Ocean. For collaborations my number one would be Frank Ocean. I would also say A$AP Rocky, Yung Lean, Pharrel, and one of the Marleys, I think that would be cool.

What helped you choose the genre of music you create?

I would say what helped me choose the genre of music I’m trying to weave into was whatever felt natural. I think everyone has a built-in sensor in their head music wise for what they like and I really try to define and kind of pinpoint what that is in my own music.

Is there anyone in your life that helped you get to where you are now? How did they help along the way? 

Every person around me has unconsciously or in any way helped me, but the big people have been my dad and then I would say my two closest friends, Brenden and Cooper. The whole group I have around me are very supportive and help me work hard for what I want to do and help me accomplish it.

When did you know that you wanted to become a musician and when did you start making it?

I knew I wanted to be a musician ever since I was 8 or 9. I would listen to songs and like them until about the second verse in and I would always be so mad because I would think about how much better the next verse could have been. Then I started writing over the song that was already done just to see what it would be like and, of course, it was horrible but it spiraled out of control and expanded into everything music wise. My first song is on my phone from 2018, so four or five years ago, but I didn’t seriously start making music until three years ago when I met this guy from the U.K. that really helped me make music, I still remember his name, and if I ever get famous I’ll shout him out.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the near future just continuing to work hard and doing the behind-the-scenes work because 99% of the time it’s just sitting in a dark room mixing music or nerding out to some kicks or drums or something. In the far future I will definitely be doing something with music, hopefully I’m touring and have a studio album out, that would be nice.

Do you have any goals in your music career that you are close to reaching or are working towards?

It’s kind of crazy how much I’ve accomplished with the standards that I set for myself at the beginning. I would say getting the Yung Bans feature was a really big thing for me, just growing up hearing him, literally being one of my favorite musicians through middle school and everything, so that was pretty personal. I also feel like I’ve finally perfected the style of music that I want to make, so being able to put that out is going to be really, really fun.

What is your creative process while you make your music?

My creative process is to completely tap out of everything in the entire real world, whether that’s mentally or confining myself to a certain mindset. There’s this weird bubble that you can kind of float in creatively where once you get into it it all just kind of flows. I’m always trying to start that bubble off somehow. But realistically it’s just some color changing lights and a laptop.

What is your least favorite part about being a musician?

I know that there’s usually a least favorite part to everything, but I think whatever role you take on in life you’re going to have to take the challenges with it. I’m OK with those challenges because this feels the most natural to myself.

Oliver Vatcoskay

Stage Name: OhVee

Age: 18

Born: Las Vegas, Nevada

Hometown: Albany, Oregon

Genre: Rap

Biggest Supporters: His father and his best friends, Brenden and Cooper

Most Popular Song: Let It Out

Favorite Musician: Frank Ocean

Major Guest Performances: Yung Bans and F1lthy

Social Media: InstagramWhere to Stream: Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music

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