Ryan Janowitz Appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Commuter for 2023-24

The Commuter has a new editor-in-chief, Ryan Janowitz. 

The Student Publications Committee appointed Janowitz after an interview with applicants on Monday, June 5. Janowitz succeeds Leah Biesack, who is now a student at OSU. 

Janowitz has worked as The Commuter’s marketing director this school year. He will take over immediately as the student news operation’s person in charge. 

As marketing director, Janowitz has worked with editors in production and distribution of the monthly magazine, managed the operation’s advertising and marketing efforts, updated The Commuter’s website, and produced and distributed The Commuter’s weekly newsletter. 

Janowitz, a visual communications major at LBCC, will have the benefit of leading several staffers — editors, reporters, photographers, designers — who plan to return for a second year at LBCC beginning this fall. 

In his application for the position, Janowitz wrote, “The Commuter’s responsibility to the school is to support the student body and the faculty to the best of our ability. We celebrate their achievements, their uniqueness, and creativity, we keep them informed on campus news and events, we provide entertainment, information, advice, and encouragement.”

One of the points Janowitz emphasized in talking with the interview committee is his commitment to highlighting the outstanding work and successes of LBCC’s students, both current and recent graduates.

“I’d like to put more of an emphasis on student projects and events. We have a lot of talent in our student body and I want the Commuter to be a platform where they can display what they’re working on and what makes them unique.”

In addition to appointing his staff, Janowitz already is at work planning stories, photos and other content for The Commuter’s website, a summer edition, and the back-to-school Welcome Day edition of the newspaper/magazine, which readers can look for on campus the week of Sept. 20. 

The college’s Student Publications Committee is composed of LB students, staff and faculty who annually interview applicants and appoint The Commuter’s top editor.

Those who would like to contact Janowitz or get involved at The Commuter are encouraged to email commuter@linnbenton.edu or ryan.janowitz.2994@mail.linnbenton.edu.

For more information about journalism at LBCC, contact The Commuter’s faculty adviser, Rob Priewe, at priewer@linnbenton.edu. To see more work by students in LBCC’s journalism program, see their blogs at robpriewe.blogspot.com.

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