Earth Day Tree Planting Ceremony

Photo by Clayton Lynch

ALBANY — On  a rainy April 19 the American Association for Women in Community Colleges hosted an Earth Day celebration in the LBCC courtyard. They gave away Douglas fir saplings and some small flowers to anyone who came by. 

By noon the rain had stopped and the sun came out, and everyone walked out to the east end of campus near the walking path to plant a Douglas fir in honor of Earth Day. President Lisa Avery had the honors of planting the tree in its new home.

The event was sponsored by Peoria Gardens, Roseburg Forest Products, and Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, who donated the flowers and trees used in the giveaway and the planting ceremony. 

So why is Earth Day important? Administrative Assistant Kim Armstrong said, “Earth Day creates an awareness of the natural beauty of our environment.” 

Our environment has much beauty to offer and Earth Day is a time to appreciate that beauty and say thanks to the planet we all call home. Nowadays with issues such as climate change and large-scale pollution threatening the health of our planet, Earth Day is even more important.

Earth is our home. Let’s keep it green.