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Linn-Benton Puts Programs on Display at ExploreLB

Photo by Sarah Rose Larson

Linn-Benton’s Albany campus was filled with faces new and old on April 20, when the college held its annual ExploreLB event.

Laughter filled the air, children ran around tables, and games were played while prospective students met with faculty to learn about everything the school can offer.

Across the campus tables were set up with faculty describing their classes and programs. From Dental Assisting to choir, creative writing, human services, anthropology, technology and others, the many opportunities at LB were on display.

Raymund Ocampo interviewed several prospective new choir members in the Learning Center and made sure to advertise his international award-winning program. 

“Music is the elective with the largest enrollment, and we’re always looking for new members! We have so many talented people both teaching and performing and we look forward to our travels to the United Kingdom in the summer. Everyone is welcome and we have a lot of fun.”

Denise Hughes-Tafen, an instructor in the department of Human Development and Family Services, described her experience with helping new and potential parents as “inspiring.” She said that she wants as many people as possible to take human development classes, because it can contribute to their familial strength and interpersonal skills. 

Faculty from the Creative Writing Club were also present in the Learning Center, including Karelia Stetz-Waters, a professor of creative writing. Stetz-Waters, a published author of romance, said that she has drawn from colleague Chris Riseley in formatting some of her approach to plot structure.

“Our faculty loves to help students develop their writing skills, and we have poetry, creative writing, and even screenwriting classes here at LB. They’re great electives for non-writers, and fantastic foundations for those seeking to begin authorship careers,” Stetz-Waters said.

The anthropology department had reconstructed skulls of Homo Habilis and Ardipithecus on display, inviting students to examine them and converse with the faculty. Free Intelligent conversation was available with the Civil Discourse Program members, and prospective students could make their own campaign-style buttons with the technology and manufacturing faculty.

Almost all of the college’s major programs were represented. High school students, along with their parents, were able to dart  around the Learning Center and White Oak Hall, seeking to be informed about their potential academic futures. Current students attended as well, investigating  new programs to join, new electives to take, and new clubs to add their social experience.

Winding down at 6 p.m., the  faculty, students, and parents left excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.  It’s no wonder the event-goers were so excited with so many different futures that can be built at Linn-Benton Community College.

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