LBCC Music Program Prepares for First Performance of 2023

Photo courtesy of Raymund Ocampo

Drifting from Room 213 of South Santiam Hall are the melodious sounds of voices blending to make a beautiful harmony. The LBCC Concert and Chamber Choirs are hard at work getting ready for their first performance in 2023.

“Elegy on Water” will take place on Thursday, March 16 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Tripp Theater on the LBCC Albany campus. This performance will showcase the talents of the Chamber and Concert Choirs, as well as the acapella group Formal Houseparty. It will include pieces such as “Famine Song” arranged by Matthew Culloton, “Carrickfergus” arranged by Sean Ivory, “Trilo” by Bengt Ollen, and “Elegy on Water” by Steve Heitzeg.

“Elegy on Water” really marries the two universal truths: 1) Water, which we need to survive and thrive, and 2) Music, a universal language that transcends our emotions. Led by director Raymund Ocampo, the audience will be taken on a musical journey highlighting the importance of water, how it is part of us and connects us to the world in which we live.

It will show us the privilege of having water, as well as the sadness of having too much or too little. It is something rarely considered here in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. In fact, often water is seen by many as an annoyance as it falls from the sky nine months out of the year. But to those in areas flooding, or those living in extreme drought, water takes on a whole new perspective. “Elegy on Water” is “a musical exploration into water and its importance and symbols in our lives,” said Ocampo.

This performance has not been without its challenges. First scheduled to happen in October 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caused much upheaval. Originally set to take place on Albany’s waterfront, those plans had to be quickly changed. During the hiatus caused by the pandemic, the contact with the city was lost. This created the need to move the performance back to the LBCC campus. To create the desired ambiance has taken some logistical maneuvering that was neither expected nor planned, but the results are expected to created the desired atmosphere.

In addition to “Elegy on Water,” the choirs will be performing on March 14 at the District XI Choral Festival, which will include not only LBCC choirs but area high school choirs as well. In addition, in June and July will be their “Our American Journey” performances. These performances are in preparation for the choirs’ United Kingdom tour scheduled for July 10-19.

Not only are there ample opportunities to hear the harmonious stylings of the LBCC choirs, but there are just as many opportunities to join them.

“Music is often scary for people who don’t have previous experience. But an essential element in creating music is that it is a conduit for anything you desire, anything you want to say. Music is more than art … it is a form of communication a millennia old,” said Zane Montgomery, a Chamber Choir member.

To join the choir, reach out to Raymund Ocampo at To help support the choirs’ tour in the United Kingdom, you can donate at


What: LBCC Music Program Concert “Elegy on Water”

When: Thursday. March 16 at 7 p.m.

Where: The Tripp Performance Center, LBCC Albany Campus, Takena Hall, 6500 Pacific Blvd. SW



For More Information: Raymund Ocampo at

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