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Braver Angels Debate: ChatGPT

LB’s Civil Discourse Program recently hosted the Braver Angels to debate a very relevant, often very polarizing topic; is ChatGPT a threat to higher education? Student leaders of the co-curricular — Cheyanne Rider, Damoni Wright, Eagle Hunt, Eliana Ortega, and Mackenzie Witnaue — kicked off the debate with opening speeches. What followed was an open and honest engagement with the campus community on a subject that potentially affects all members. Check out the video below to see more, learn more, and understand both sides of this current issue.

Braver Angels Debate, ChatGPT

Pictured above is one side of the white board set up in Chinook hall, where students can write in their thoughts on current issues. This is an initiative set up by The Civil Discourse program. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest topic!

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