Opening of Hostile Terrain Exhibition

Photo by Shawn Hinz

On Thursday, January 26, the Hostile Terrain Exhibit will be open and accompanied by special programming and brief talks to commemorate the occasion. Professors Anne Magratten and Lauren Visconti will be hosting the event, which will be held in Calapooia Hall, room 103 at 4pm of that day. Perla Torres, visiting from the official Hostile Terrain Organization, will be in attendance and will speak more about this powerful, global exhibit that sheds light on those who have lost their lives trying to cross the Mexico/U.S. border. Yannie Reyes Alvarez, along with other student representatives will brief talks during the opening, as well. A final element to close the event will be a danza Azteca, a traditional Aztec dance, in front of the installation. Light refreshments will be provided.

To learn more about this powerful, collaborative exhibit, read here: Hostile Terrain Exhibit

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