Five Straightforward Note-Taking Techniques

The world of note-taking is filled with contradictory advice that often causes more confusion than clarity. It can be difficult to decide how you want to take notes as professors and peers are convinced that their way of marking down information is the “best” and “makes the most sense.” If you’re struggling with finding your note-taking stride, here are five straightforward techniques that might work for you! 

  1. Idea or Mind Maps
    1. Start with the big idea and move outward. Connect each thought, definition or fact and watch as a map to the main idea is created.
  2. Thought Flow
    1. Write down all the information that you need to learn and that stands out instead of creating all sorts of indents or color coordinating lines just write everything sentence by sentence. 
  3. Charts
    1. Break down information, by category, as you would a math chart. 
  4. Cornell Notes
    1. Separate your page into questions/definitions on the left and answers on the right. 
  5. Outlines
    1. Write the main topic and provide bullet points of the supporting information. 

The bottom line of note taking is that everyone is different and if it works for you, then it’s the best match for you.

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