Wellness Wednesday: Things to Think About

​I keep learning new things. I continue to evolve in my thinking about what wellness is and what it means to different people. Geez, humans are complex. And ever-changing.  

I think a first step is we need to BELIEVE that personal and community health matter and that it makes a difference.  I believe we need to actively pursue wellness, and find fun and simple ways to incorporate that thinking into our daily lives; stepping outside, breathing deeply, smiling to greet others, sipping a hot beverage, skipping (dare you), laughing, learning.  

Wellness is roughly defined today as POISSEE: Physical, Occupational, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Emotional, Environmental Health.

What does LBCC do to support your/our health and wellness?

Here’s a smattering of some of the cool, amazing and random things LB has to support wellness. Take your pick. (NOTE: Most of these notes are gathered from talking with first year students in HD120 classes) 

  • Free parking
  • Culinary Arts providing amazing food daily in Albany!
  • Writing Center
  • Tutoring
  • Wellness Trail around Albany campus
  • Center for Accessibility Resources (CFAR)
  • Roast Runners in Albany, Uphill Grind at HOC
  • Benton Center Acoustical Showcase
  • Math help 
  • Counseling ervices (in Advising Center)
  • Helpful instructors
  • LBCC choir
  • Reasonable tuition
  • Work experiences on and off campus
  • Health and hysical activity classes (for credit!)
  • Student Clubs/Student Leadership
  • A new disc golf course (starts near sand volleyball courts)
  • Drop-in Albany weight room hours
  • Free bus service between Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon, etc. 
  • Advising Center/Advising 
  • Campus store
  • Scholarships


Study Jam this weekend!

Benton Center (Corvallis): Saturday December 3 10am-4pm LCC RM 222

Albany Campus: Learning Center Saturday Dec 3 10am-6pm, Sunday Dec 4 from 12-4pm 

Have a great LONG break from classes.  Good luck on finals.

Image by storyset on Freepik