“Splatoon 3”: Latest Release in Trilogy

On September 9 of this year (following a slight delay from its intended July 29 release date), “Splatoon 3” released around the world on Nintendo Switch. Building on the success of the first game in 2015 and its sequel in 2017, this game is easily the best installment of the trilogy.

Taking place in the new hub of “Splatsville,” you take part in the main draw of the gameplay: the 4-VS-4 multiplayer “Turf Wars.” Using a variety of weapons, whichever team covers the most area of the battlefield in their ink wins. This time around, the announcers are a new trio known as “Deep Cut.” They consist of a shark named Shiver, an eel named Frye and a manta ray named Big Man. Keeping with the distinct hosts of the first two games, their announcement of each stage rotation resembles an underground podcast setup. Their dynamic also shakes up the “Spatfests” of the previous games with the new twist of the “Tri-Color Turf War.”

The game also contains a new single-player campaign that builds upon the stories of the previous titles. Without spoiling anything, the final stages of the story mode are the culmination of everything that has been built up by the previous games.

In addition to the return of modes such as Salmon Run (which can now be accessed at any time), there are new multiplayer modes such as the card game “Table Turf Battle.” Every course, weapon and piece of fashion gear from the first two games is contained in this title alongside a host of new content that will be rolled out over the next two years.

With the game already setting major sales records, “Splatoon 3” sticks the splat landing on its trilogy, making its mark on Nintendo and joining the many must-own titles on the Switch.

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo EPD

Platform: Nintendo Switch

ESRB Rating: E10+

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