Reopening of RoastRunners: Caffeine Dreams of Campus Come True


Want a break from the hustle and bustle of your day? Need another cup of that good ol’ joe? Want a space to exist and finish that final essay before being free for the day? RoastRunners is the place to be.

  After being closed for over two years due to the pandemic, our local campus coffee shop is open for business! Sporting local coffee beans from Sisters Coffee Company, ample seating room and kind people, the place to be for students looking for caffeine and tea is RoastRunners. 

  Jael Romero, one of RoastRunner’s baristas, has taken on the challenge of promotion for the shop. Giving insight into the excitement and bustle of the past couple weeks, she said she’s been training baristas, advertising and coordinating many of the moving parts associated with opening for business. Though they’ve only officially been open for a few days, she says she can see the potential for the shop. She wants to add board games to provide students with the opportunity to take a fun break. She also wants to adorn the walls with paintings done by students. After speaking with Romero, it’s clear how much she believes in RoastRunners. 

  Their location, which has a great view of the main campus courtyard, is spacious, inviting, and as an added bonus, color-coordinated! The wooden tables and soft chairs provide a wonderful place to drink a good cup of coffee and study. (I enjoyed my almond mocha and I’m sure you will too.) Pop over to RoastRunners and grab a good time! 

RoastRunners is open Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 3PM

Located adjacent to the courtyard of Albany campus

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