LB’s Civil Discourse Program: Braver Angels Debate on Oregon Measure 114

LBCC’s Civil Discourse Program will be hosting its next Braver Angels debate on Thursday, October 6th from 1-3pm. The proposition is: Oregonians should vote “Yes” on Measure 114. Measure 114 is the Changes to Firearm Ownership and Purchase Requirements Initiative. Voting “Yes” would add limitations on firearm purchases within the state of Oregon including permits issued by local law enforcement, photo id, fingerprints, safety training, and a criminal background check. Voting “No” opposes the ballot initiative and maintains the current restrictions on firearms in Oregon. Click the imbedded link for more information on Braver Angels debates.

Registration is free and required on this Eventbrite page to receive the event’s Zoom link. The webpage also has information on what a Braver Angels debate is and how it promotes civil discourse. All are welcome to attend and participate!

More info on Measure 114:

KGW article

Complete text of the initiative

Ballotepedia page

Mark Urista

Communication Faculty - Civil Discourse Program Advisor