Hall of Fame Celebration

Left to right, the inductees to LBCC Hall of Fame; Carol Menken-Schaudt, Debbie Prince (Herrold,) Verlund "Butch" Kimpton, Debi Davidson (Wife of Jim Davidson), Paul Poetsch, Donna Karling (Southwick, Alarcon Elizondo,) Terry Cornutt, Dick McClain, and Arlene Crosman.

Holding their first Hall of Fame event, LBCC’s Athletic Department celebrated their first star athletes and coaches. Recipients included, Dave Bakley (unfortunately no recipient could be present for the event), Arlene Crosman, Verlund “Butch” Kimpton, Dick McClain, Terry Cornutt, Jim Davidson (received by his wife Debi), Donna Karling (Southwick, Alarcon Elizondo), Jean Melson (Siefer – not present), Carol Menken-Schaudt, Paul Poetsch, and Debbie Prince (Herrold).

The evening included a social gathering; Meet-and-greet, a formal dinner buffet, and award and speech moments. Each inductee had a unique “thank you” speech; Some were sentimental and some humorous. From the impact on life changing team moments to who was cut out to be a lifeguard at the pool, the remembrance was felt by all attendees. 

An evening of “firsts” will not be the last, as the Athletic department hopes to make this an annual affair.

A buffet for dinner.

Photos by Sabrina Dedek.

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