CARmencement Preview: Bubbly, Bright, and Boisterous

Graduation CARmencement 2021. Photo by Dakota Gange

‘CARmencement’ graduation ceremonies are a first for LBCC brought on by the pandemic, with last school years event lighting the torch. And while at a glance, or rather a first thought, a drive through graduation could seem a little unwinding. 

However, last year’s event showed that they are everything but. 

With a traditional ceremony on the back burner until further notice, the faculty of LBCC has managed to create a fun, relaxing, and lively environment for the car-bound experience. As a result, the quiet and long commencements where one must sit through an entire graduating class, no longer takes precedence. 

Instead, loud bells, drums, chimes, tambourines, whoops, hollers, vibrant colors and bubbles fill the air of the northeast parking lot. 

This years ‘CARmencement’ will be held June 9 from 4-8 p.m., and will start with brightly painted cars with balloons trailing behind as they begin their descent through the paved maze. 

Shortly upon entrance, you may see some familiar faces as you pass by college professors; Faculty and staff, and of course Rocky the Roadrunner, line the sidewalk beaming with energy as they bang on their loud instruments, dance, and eagerly cheer for the graduating class – Noise is no nuisance at this commencement. 

In this style of graduation, one is welcomed to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable. Many students last year wore their caps and gowns, some with appropriate honors wear, and others wore whatever they desired – the choice belongs to the individual. 

Family and friends are welcome to pack safely into their cars, clown style, and are encouraged to cordially cheer on their fellow graduates’ as they are dropped off at the podium, where they will do an official walk to receive their diplomas and to have their future plans spilled over the static air of the microphone, before getting back in their vehicles. 

Last year, a red rose and photo op were provided as well. 

And with a cherry on top, the last stop of the maze holds a tasty treat for the carload. 

New to this year’s CARmencement, the Student Leadership Council will be hosting a celebratory barbecue in the main courtyard for all graduates, parents and staff to attend. Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided; Attendees are welcome to join before or after receiving their diploma.

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