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Cruis’n Blast: Retro Review

After its release in arcades in 2017, “Cruis’n Blast” was ported to the Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2021. As the latest installment of the “Cruis’n” games, the game provides a fun experience that faithfully recreates the arcade port while also adding a wide variety of content unique to this version.

The series has a long history in arcades and with Nintendo consoles, getting ports on the Nintendo 64 as far back as the first game, “Cruis’n USA.” Now, series creator Eugene Jarvis and his company Raw Thrills have brought the series back for its first new installment since “Cruis’n Velocity” on Game Boy Advance in 2001.

This new game wholeheartedly embraces the look and feel of the previous installments in arcades and N64. Expanding upon the international locales of “Cruis’n World” and the fantastical tracks of “Cruis’n Exotica,” the game features a wide range of available racetracks and cars.

In the spirit of the previous games, this title wholeheartedly embraces the arcade-style racing gameplay of its seniors, with stages featuring stunts being performed over everything from tornadoes in Death Valley, CA to dinosaurs in Madagascar. The graphics are easily a modern take on the bright color palettes of the N64 era. Whether you’re racing in a vintage Corvette or the latest Hummer EV, the turbocharged variety of vehicles is every bit of a “blast” as the title suggests.

Overall, “Cruis’n Blast” is a welcome return of a classic series that’s a retro re-imagined ride of a racing game. With a new low price of $20, it’s easier than ever to recommend. “Come on- let’s go cruisin’!”

Publisher: Game Mill Entertainment/Raw Thrills

Developer: Raw Thrills

Platform: Nintendo Switch (Originally Released in Arcades)

ESRB Rating: E10+

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