Dance Your Heart Out At Dance Club

Club members Alyssa Riley, Bryaunna Kostelnik, Jolene Vallejo, Kaylee Ficsus, Zinobia Rogers, Fiona Sprague, and Allie Fiscus pose in their creative dance positions

Can you dance? You can, and should. Better coordination, stronger bones, and supportive club members to cheer you on. Joining the LBCC Dance CLub couldn’t be easier; You just show up, and the club is free and is for all levels of dance, and is fully inclusive.

Dance Club, who is advised by Carol Raymundo, meets at Legacy Ballet in Albany on Sunday evenings. They accept students and community members who have a passion for dance. 

Zinobia Rogers has been with the club four years, in those years she has watched the membership become consistent. Bryanna Kostelnik, the choreographer, has facilitated a membership. The club works towards a performance, one or two a year, but it is not mandatory. 

Performances are funded by the clubs participation in welcome day, concessions, 50/50 raffle, and fundraisers. A club car wash is in the works but not yet on the calendar. 

The next weekend performance, “Collisions,” can be found in Salem at IKE Box Cafe, May 28 – 29 at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are available at and at the door. 

Dance members include Fiona Sprague, Alyssa Riley, Bryaunna Kostelnik, Allie Fiscus, Zinobia Rogers, Kaylee Ficsus, Jolene Vallejo.

For more information, you can reach out to club President Zenobia Rogers at

Sprague started at LBCC in the fall and didn’t have a space to dance anymore, and found the dance club after checking out a “workshop of creatives.” She finds the club “affordable, where I’m constantly learning, expanding, and getting new movement with people you can connect with.”

Dancer Riley said she enjoys “the feeling of just like performing in front of people again.

On zoom it doesn’t feel like people are there. Now with the mask mandate lifted we (the performers) can see the faces of the crowd. Seeing their smiles lets us know we are doing a good job.”

“Our bodies are meant to move and dancing is an anate thing for everyone from a two-year-old to someone in their 60’s. When music plays something happens within us; Moving our bodies and our feet. Sometimes we just tap or move our shoulders,” said Kostelnik. 

According to Kostelnik, once you come to the club to dance you’ll be hooked and coing back for more. 

Grab your jazz shoes or half soles and come dance.

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