Built With Thought: Newly Opened Chinook Hall

President Lisa Avery uses comically large scissors to cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening of Chinook Hall.

Director of the Benton Center, Jeff Davis, and his team welcomed the newest branch in the tree of LBCC. Chinook Hall boasts state of the art Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) classrooms and laboratories in a secure and thoughtfully designed building. The windows to the south west have maximum natural light. The skylights brighten both floors. There are several conference rooms as well.

Saturday the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony featured President Lisa Avery who cut the big blue ribbon, along with Simon Yates of Corvallis Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chair of Corvallis School Board, and LBCC’s own poet laureate Sophia Griffith

Once the ribbon was cut guests were invited inside to mingle with speakers and Rocky the Roadrunner. Coffee and sweets were served and tours of the building were encouraged. Though the building is fairly bare at the moment, a soft opening of classes is expected this summer term and full patronage is expected in the fall term. 

Chinook Hall does not replace our Benton Center but is a new reach to connect the community. Students of Linn-Benton, including those who are in the dual enrollment programs with OSU or WOU, will find accredited courses and community members will find opportunities to come together and learn.

Photos by Sabrina Dedek.

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