Do You Know About the LB Lunchbox? PSA For LBCC’s Program to Help Students Combat Food Insecurity

Photo from LBCC's Roadrunner Resource Center website.

The Student Leadership union wants to spread the word about a program they’ve been running to help students at LBCC have secure food resources. The Linn-Benton Lunchbox (or LBLB) is for current students and their dependents only. Hear from the SLC’s representative, Skylar Paul.

The LBLB program is an initiative started by the SLC years ago in response to the Swipe Out Hunger movement. Swipe Out Hunger is a nationwide campaign on college campuses to help end student hunger. The organization has partnered with over 400 college campuses and since the start of this initiative, 63% of students nationwide feel less stress and anxiety about where they will get their next meal and are able to eat regularly, according to their website. 

The LB Lunchbox was started as a food pantry where students could get lots of food that were mostly non-perishable items. Due to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, the SLC decided to revamp the program and now instead of a food pantry, they now offer gift cards to Safeway. Now, students can get the food they need and like. 

If you’re eligible, (see details on the website,) you can get two $50 gift cards a term through the Student Union. Please contact Student Life Coordinator Rob Camp at or come by the Student Union in Forum 120 to utilize our program to Swipe Out Hunger on our campus. 

This service is funded by the SLC. If you don’t need food assistance but would love to see this program continue, please consider donating to the program by donating bottle returns into our organization’s Bottle Drop account. You can also stop by the SLC with your cans!