Commuter Cover, Rally for Peace

Steve Bittner, principal of Santiam Christian High School in Corvallis, led a rally where community members gathered to show their support to Ukraine as Russia continues unprovoked attacks. Corvallis Sister City Association has accepted Uzhhorod, Ukraine, as our sister city since 1989. To donate to the association in assistance in efforts in relief for refugees of Uzhhorod, visit their page

You can also reach out to Steve Bittner via his email, info@nwstudentservices.com

Bittner is connected to Ukraine; He and his daughters, now adults, have visited Corvallis’ sister city, Uzhhorod, many times. His oldest daughter, Hannah, married a man she met there, and they currently live in Corvallis.

Because of the recent attacks by Russia, Bittner and his family have gathered donations and purchased much needed supplies to protect and nourish the people of Ukraine. 

His son in law, Mishia, took 500 pounds of supplies on a commercial flight to Ukraine.

Bittner collects the donations personally. “I guarantee every penny goes to Ukraine,” he said. His Venmo (@steviethevagabond) is the easiest way to donate. 

Medical supplies were donated from medical professionals in our community and some from the Sister Cities Association. Additionally, they sent protection supplies, such as kevlar vests. Knee pads and shoulder pads were purchased in Berlin, and were also sent to Ukraine. 

The kindness of people engaging and showing generosity has been an awakening experience to Bittner. A teacher at Santiam Christian donated a check for $400, and her four boys contributed an extra $120 of their earned money. 

Hannah recently traveled to Ukraine with 9 bags of medical supplies. Unfortunately, seven is the limit for one person to travel with and she was going to be charged $1800 for the extra two bags. A patron at the next window noticed the exchange and demanded he pay her added fees so she could use the money for more goodwill.

You can reach out to Steve Bittner via his email, info@nwstudentservices.com.