LBLive Weekly Contests: PSA From SLC Member Skylar Paul

Have You Heard About the LBLive Weekly Contests?

LBLive is an exclusive social media app only available to Linn-Benton Community College students and staff. The Student Life and Leadership department provides this app for the students and is always looking for more innovative ways to increase interest. The app is easy to use and FREE to all students. The app offers campus resources that are easy to navigate, a public student feed to ask fellow classmates questions about classes or campus resources, a direct messaging system, a calendar feature where you can input your schedule, and exciting new contests and interactive post opportunities! 

Roadrunners Rewards, formerly known as “LBLive Weekly Contests”, is a contest format hosted by the SLC (Student Leadership Council) on the LBLive app. Every week we host a new contest prompt. Unlike last term’s question and answer oriented contest format, all prompts will be interactive. For example, some might involve guessing a number of items in a photo or creating a meme. We announce the week’s contest prompt on Monday morning. Make sure to enter your entry by Friday morning. The randomized winner will be announced every Friday afternoon.  The winner will receive a $5.00 Dutch Bros Gift Card. Once the winner is chosen, they will be contacted, and a gift card will be sent out to the student via mail or will be available to pick up in the Student Leadership Office (Forum 120). We can’t wait to see all your interactions on the LBLive app this term!

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