How Much Wood Can You Chuck? OSU Forestry Logging Competition Lives On

On a drizzly afternoon the OSU Logging Sports Arena in the Peavy Arboretum was alive with young men and women competing to see who was the fastest at sawing and chopping through thick logs of wood, quickest at leaping over an obstacle course and setting logging equipment, most accurate at flinging axes and tossing small logs, and able to stay balanced longest atop a rotating log floating in frigid water. Despite the damp and chill, a small but enthusiastic crowd of onlookers cheered the athletes on.

The Forestry Club Logging Sports Competition was an interclub meet hosted by the OSU Forestry Club Logging Sports Team. The Logging Sports Team travels each year to compete against other teams from throughout the Western U.S. 

This competition, however, was small and included competitors from clubs in the OSU College of Forestry. It provided participants with the opportunity to experience a wide range of events. The public was also welcomed to observe and learn about timber sports.

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