Spring Has Sprung! Trees and Flowers are A-Bloom During a Student’s Relaxing Spring Break

In the Luckiamute Landing State natural area, which is located in Albany on NW Buena Vista road, there is so much nature getting ready to jump into spring and summer after a cold winter. The area is 600-acres of “riparian forest” which is to say where the forest meets bodies of water. The body of water here is where the Luckiamute River and Santiam River conjoin to the Willamette River. 

The area is also the location of the Luckiamute Landing Project, which is trying to restore the natural floodplains of the region. There is hiking, fishing, paddleboarding and water-play in certain areas, as well as camping and lunch spots here. 

There are areas around the pond which are completely off limits due to it being used to help restore the population of Western Pond Turtles, which are currently on Oregon’s “Sensitive Species” list. You can sometimes see them sunning themselves in these areas, if you’re quiet and lucky enough to. 

The park’s hike is more of a walk; It’s a beautiful view, especially if you go on a clear day or with few clouds in the sky. There is lots of space to sit by the water and have a nice picnic, though be sure to clean up after yourself, don’t litter, and don’t feed the animals! You will be bound to be joined by some birds, bugs, and more. The flora here is magnificent. There’s an abundance of cherry blossoms, Oregon grape, and oak trees as well as little field flowers. 

During this time, if you’re paying attention, you will also find a few empty wasp eggs; these only grow on oak trees. 

Make sure to check out the landing, bring some friends, and maybe a camera!

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