So Long For Now: Spring Term Brings a Mask Free Campus

It’s now week two of spring term. Since winter term ended, the COVID-19 mandates have changed within the state as well as LBCC.

An Aviso System update email was sent out last Monday on the first day of this term. Here’s what it said:

Welcome back from Spring Break! As we transition into spring term, LBCC is following state guidance and making mask-wearing optional. Please be supportive of those who continue masking. Here are a few other reminders regarding COVID safety:

  • If you have tested for COVID-19; AND, have been given positive results, please fill out the COVID-19 form, as we need to continue to monitor our campus for outbreaks.  
  • If you test positive, regardless of your vaccine status, please isolate yourself for five (5) days and wear a well-fitting mask for five (5) additional days.  
  • As a reminder, please do not come to campus if you have any COVID symptoms or if you are not feeling well.  

You can find updated information on the LBCC COVID page throughout the term.

You can also find LBCC’s spring term COVID education plan here.

Kate Brown announced that she’d be lifting the state-wide mask mandate for Oregon in accordance with Washington and California governors’ decisions to do the same. Brown set the date for midnight on March 11. 

LBCC’s Board of Education had made the decision earlier in winter term to keep the mandate until the term ended, which was officially March 18.

All Oregon school districts and colleges are now able to choose whether they want to continue the mandate. The date chosen fell on the Friday before schools go on spring break which was intentional just in case mandates changed in that week.

There are certain exceptions to the lift right now, but most of these are set to lift later in the season. 

The federal law still requires masks on public transportation like buses, subways, trains, airplanes, ferries, and taxis. Because these are federally mandated, these don’t follow the state mandates. Businesses will also continue to have the choice whether or not to have a mandate in their stores. 

The OHA, however, states that they have no plans to lift mask mandates in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, doctor offices, dentist offices, urgent cares, birthing centers, rehab centers, assisted living and hospice housing, nursing facilities, and ambulatory surgical and care centers. 

Vaccines have been mandated for childcare settings, teachers, and health care workers. These mandates are not set to lift anytime soon. This is a guide to current vaccination guidelines. Every individual in Oregon is currently free to choose whether they’d like to continue masking or not, except where it is still federally, as listed above.