South Park: Season 25

On February 2nd of this year, the milestone 25th season of “South Park” began airing on Comedy Central. Even after a quarter of a century having passed since the show began its run, this latest season still shows how effective it is at absurd, raunchy yet insightful adult animation.

With the first three episodes of the season having aired as of this writing, the show has already marked another delightfully bizarre take on modern life in a small mountain town in Colorado. 

Through this lens, the show comments on everything from public dress codes to unconscious biases and even the real estate market.

While it remains to be seen what direction the season will take from here, it’s clear the appeal of the series has not waned at all since the original short film “The Spirit of Christmas.” In addition to the latest seasons, the show has had two movie-length exclusive “Post-COVID” events on Paramount Plus, with more movies in development for the near future.

Overall, the 25th season of “South Park” is another crudely-animated and hilariously-skewed look at modern life; well worth your time and easy to recommend.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Wednesdays at 8PM on Comedy Central

Rated TV-MA

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