ChangeMakers Kicks Off Stress Relief Series

Photo by Atul Choudhary from Pexels

Linn-Benton’s Human Services Co-Curricular, ChangeMakers, has launched a new self-care series for students to tune in to learn some tips and tricks on ways to deal with the inevitable stressors in our lives; Being a student. In a global pandemic. In a divided country. Where a lot of our favorite restaurants have closed for good. We’ll take every coping mechanism on the menu, please.

 Last Thursday was the kick off of this stress relief series, which held as a virtual zoom event. In attendance were ChangeMakers members, faculty advisor Liz Pearce, a handful of interested students, along with the guest hosts of the event — therapist Cait Morgan and Human Services student Christy Mejia. This premier event was centered around expression as a tool for stress relief, specifically expression through journaling. Mejia generously described her mental health journey and how journaling has played an integral role. While she relayed how it helped alleviate her panic attacks, she also pointed out the many other benefits that can be siphoned out from the act of writing down our thoughts and feelings, such as:

*provided clarity

*stress reduction

*improved physical health

*assistance with problem-solving

*coping with depression

*anxiety reduction

*increased self-empowerment 

By the end of the 45 minute event, it was hard to find a reason not to pick up a pen and paper to divulge all my swirly, messy feelings. Mejia made a solid case — I’ve been journaling every morning since hearing her speak. And all of my problems have vanished. Just kidding, but it’s good to feel good.  

ChangeMakers has two more events planned for the Self-Care/Stress Relief series, the next one titled Self-Care, Sounds, and Silence, which is scheduled for February 17. The co-curricular is working hard to remind our student body just how many resources are available to bring us some assistance and ease when life is trying to be the bully it’s adept at being. This new stress relief series makes for a welcoming, safe environment to all who are interested in taking a step or two to taking care of you. ChangeMakers is our life jacket in the reliably rough waters of stress.