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“Always Jane” Will Always Resonate

Amazon Original “Always Jane”, streaming on Amazon Prime, weaves through a 2 year timespan of 18 year old Jane Noury’s life. We see her prepare for adulthood, sift through bullying and self-doubt of the past, and make the decision of gender confirmation surgery. Ultimately, though, this series, this story, is one of sincerity, support, and love. It is a spotlight on family, with a backdrop of humor. 

Transgender Awareness Week was technically observed November 13 – 19, but all weeks are the perfect weeks to be aware. And right now is the perfect time to meet Jane Noury.

The four-part docuseries, directed by Jonathan C. Hyde, is mainly shot in Noury’s hometown of Sparta, NJ, where we watch her navigate the challenges of late-adolescence. We get to know Jane as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a model, a transgender woman, and foremost, a human. When we meet her in this series, she is preparing for major milestones, such as high school graduation, weighing potential college options, and going through a gender confirmation surgery. Supervising Story Producer Kait McLaughlin has woven together the rich, found-art that is the Noury family; a unit of warm and undeniably hilarious individuals who adamantly stand for all that is good and right. The one-on-one interviews with family members are laden with honesty, raw moments rippling in and out as easy as water adapts and flows. Water always finds a way, and the Nourys follow suit. As Jane’s mother, Laura Noury, said, “Jane didn’t transition alone, we all transitioned with her.”

“Always Jane” is a coming of age tale, a coming to acceptance journey, and the warm tingly feeling of a family coming together, resulting in a timeless and genuine human interest story. It is laden with the universal truths that will live on for eons and eras and lightyears. Jane, her family, and the incredible team behind this docuseries have crafted a sweet and real beam of light.  

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