October Is Fire Safety Month

The Corvallis Fire Department greeted the public on Saturday October 9, from 10am to 1pm, during a COVID-safe drive-through safety display at the Benton County Fairgrounds. Firefighters, EMTs, and volunteer firefighters masked up and met with the public to promote October’s Fire Safety Awareness month. The public spoke with experts and saw their trucks and gear up close, then drove through the large shelter to see a boat rescue, a fire ladder in action, rural firefighters, and chemical hazard clean up. This event and others are organized by Carmen Westfall, who takes care of the details making it possible during COVID times for these first responders who must take the public’s safety and health into consideration in their careers and at home. 

The Corvallis Fire Department’s next event will be on Friday, October 29, in conjunction with The Rotary Club’s Halloween drive-through, at the same shelter at the fairgrounds. Fire Marshal Jonathan Jones recommends households practice their exit plan and discuss their meeting place, and actively teach kitchen safety. Keep your smoke detectors powered because they can’t alert without working batteries. Carbon monoxide (which is slightly lighter than air) detectors should be placed away from fuels and fuel tanks. For more information visit http://www.usfa.fema.gov.

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