Wellness Wednesday: It’s Okay If You Don’t Know

Know What?

As an academic advisor, I’m privileged to hear stories of what students want to achieve; What you know, what you don’t know, and what you want to know.  

In the Advising Center at LBCC, there are 3 areas we focus on:

  1.  Advising.  Our motto – “We Advise.  You Decide”.  The concept is simple. Advisors share knowledge and experience, listen to your goals and give you advice on what makes sense for your education plan.  Then you apply all this to your real life, daily desires, various balancing acts of jobs, family, sleeping in or whatever is needed for your health and well-being.  So we’re on your side, but you choose the direction and speed. 
  2. Counseling, Wellness, Well-Being.  Working with community partners, there are counselors available 24/7 to help you out. Call the Advising Center 541-917-4780.   Monday through Friday, there are counselors on the Albany campus for urgent appointments (note that there may be a 15-20 minute wait.) Also, you can schedule an appointment ahead of time for counseling.  Wellness discussions are also readily available.  
  3. Career Services.   Researching possible careers, measurements of strengths and talents to match with possible jobs. Career skill-building – resumes, job interview practice, career fair and Career Exploration classes to more deeply consider all of the above. 

The search for knowledge – It is not a direct line. Yes, there are some folks who know exactly what they want to achieve by going to college.  Many more folks have an idea, and then fill in the pieces as they travel along the college road. 

​What helps you know what? Think about what works best for you – for studying, for time management, for test taking. We know what works for us.  Whether or not we admit it, we know where we need help or support. It’s just hard to ask for.  

And then there’s the perceived risk of asking a “stupid” question.  What does “remote,” “virtual,” “online,” “hybrid,” “ F2F.,” mean? Related to classes).

There is no such thing as a stupid question. You ask because you don’t know. So reach out to your advisor. Ask questions. So what if you don’t know what. We’ll figure it out together.

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