New World Order: Campus Covid Rules

As life continues in our new world order revolving around the pandemic, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement and the LBCC Foundation Jennifer Boehmer answered these important questions for The Commuter.

Who has to wear masks? Everyone? Just instructors? Students? Only the unvaccinated?

Yes, following Governor Brown’s executive order issued on August 27, everyone on campus is required to wear a mask indoors, as well as in outdoor settings when physical distancing is not possible. This is regardless of vaccination status. To help people who may have forgotten a mask, we will have plenty available throughout LBCC locations when fall term begins. We know mask-wearing is inconvenient, but it is a simple and effective way to keep from inadvertently infecting others and possibly causing a campus closure. Here is the language we use in the college’s Rebounding Plan, which can be found on our website:

 Face Coverings. Consistent with the CDC’s Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education and OHA’s guidance for mask usage, LBCC requires faculty, staff, students, contractors, volunteers, and visitors across all LBCC locations to use face coverings when in indoor spaces with other people and outdoor when physical distancing cannot be maintained, regardless of vaccination status. Effective face coverings fully cover the nose and mouth.

We do make exceptions for individuals who need a special accomodation and have been approved through the Center for Accessibility and Resources (CFAR). “Special accomodation” does not mean individuals will be approved to attend class or events without face coverings; instead it means we will work to help them find ways to fulfill their educational requirements, for example through remote learning. We encourage people who have questions about approved mask exceptions to contact CFAR at

Will class size be limited to ensure social distancing?

At this time, we are not requiring that our in-person classes be under a certain number of students.

Will there be cleaning between classes? 

LBCC has taken extra precautions when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting before employees return to the office and students return to campus. Using federal COVID relief funding, Facilities has worked with a third-party vendor on our Albany Campus to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces within office spaces including light switches, doors, door frames, door handles, window ledges, keyboards, mice, desk surfaces, window ledges, table surfaces and other horizontal surfaces. Facilities crews are also leading similar cleaning at all of our centers.   During the school year, we will be following the CDC’s recommendations for cleaning, which is to clean and sanitize surfaces once a day with the exception of some high touch-points, such as main doorways or key equipment. For high-touch points, we will have a custodian that will sanitize high touch points throughout the day.  We will also have supplies in the classroom available to anyone that chooses to sanitize their space before or after class.

What happens if somebody refuses to follow the rules? 

We are thankful that our staff and students have shown remarkable dedication to following the guidelines and working together to protect our learning environment. If you do encounter a fellow student who is refusing to follow requirements, you can speak with your instructor, or the Dean of the department, and share your concerns. For concerns about an LBCC staff member, you can contact the college’s Human Resource Office, or the Office of Finance and Operations. 

Will there be extra masks/cleaning supplies?

Yes, extra masks and cleaning supplies will be available throughout our campus locations and within our classrooms.

What percent of classes are meeting face-to-face? 

Here is the breakdown of our fall class modalities. (You can also find more information in our Fall 2021 Education Plan found at

Face-to-face offerings: 30%

Hybrid offerings (meaning a combination of face-to-face and remote): 20%

Virtual (meaning synchronous learning): 20%

Online (meaning asynchronous learning): 30%

Community Education (noncredit classes): 13% will be face-to-face and the remainder will be held remotely/online.  

What programs have most or all of their classes on campus?

LBCC offers many career-technical programs that require hands-on learning opportunities so we have worked hard to be able to offer in-person labs to students in those areas. They include programs that fall in areas like Health, Agriculture, Mechatronics, etc. Most programs are offered in combination: the lectures are held online or remotely, and the in-person components meet on campus.

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