A Great Resource For All Your LB Related Questions

 The summer’s lazy haze has all but died out, clearing the air for autumn to swoop in with her lofty academic notions. Feeling overwhelmed? Excited, but maybe a tad bit confused? Likely, you’re working with a combo deal of all three. And definitively, you’re right on track. Reassurance aside, you’ve probably got a few looming questions and a couple buzzing concerns about the matter. LBCC has a great resource for every single one of them — First Resort. First Resort is the central hub to all things LBCC-related. While the department is run by administrative professionals, their staff is largely made up of student ambassadors. This makes it nice and comfy to ask any of your wildest queries, as the ambassadors have likely had the same questions themselves at some point. Not sure how to drop a class? Want to know how to purchase textbooks with your student aid? Still trying to figure out the ins and outs of Moodle? First Resort has you covered. 

 All-Inclusive Resort Points:

How do I get in touch with First Resort? 

  So many options!

  The ‘You’ve got Questions, We’ve Got Answers’ page is a great place to look, as well, located on the LBCC website: https://www.linnbenton.edu/student-services/first-resort.php

Can I meet someone in person?

Totally! First Resort is located in Takena Hall, 1st Floor, next to Admissions. Their drop-in hours are M-F from 9am – 4pm. Pop in!

What if they don’t know the answer?

First Resort has heard it all (they eat, sleep, and breathe LBCC), but if for some reason they don’t have the immediate answer for you, they’ll make absolute sure to direct you to someone who does! Students are in good hands.Insider’s Tip: First Resort is currently hiring student ambassadors! If you’re looking for a job that can fit into your school schedule, and you enjoy helping people while working with a fun crew, contact Abby at grewata@linnbenton.edu. She’d love to hear from you!

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