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LB Assistance for Life’s Needs

Life happens. It bulldozes its way like a tornado, thrashing around new problems right when we least expect it. It takes no regard for being a student, or a parent, or for being in a special situation. Sometimes it leaves us at rock bottom, and sometimes it only throws us off course ever so slightly. 

When the uncertainty of life comes whipping into your world and throws that curveball getting in the way of your path to bettering your future at Linn-Benton, well that’s why the LBCC Foundation was created. 

The LBCC Foundation is an unintentionally hidden superhero at LBCC that steps into combat when students need help weathering the storm. Like an overprotective parent, which many don’t have, they’re here to save the day. 

This non-profit organization was created specifically to help our students, taking in donations from good samaritans across the community who want to help students overcome barriers in life that can affect their ability to go to school. These donors are people just like you, who pour their hearts into helping community college students get further in life. 

Through taking in these donations, the Foundation has set up emergency assistance funds and scholarships specifically for students. 

“Our donors recognize that community college students come from all different backgrounds, all walks of life. They know that the students here at community college have a lot more on their shoulders than at a typical four-year institution. They recognize that it’s not only tuition, fees and books, that it’s living expenses, child care, food, transportation,” said Linnea Everts, Development Officer of Scholarships and Stewards at the LBCC Foundation. 

“In the Foundation, I have approximately four different funds that are dedicated to emergency assistance. If we discover that a student is behind on their internet bill, and then is not able to take their classes, we’re going to cover that internet bill.”

“Most recently I’ve purchased tires for students, a transmission, and covered a license reinstatement fee for a student in recovery who needed to get their license in order to go to school.” 

Everts’ passion for helping students through tough times shines through her excitement to get the word out about the Foundation, and their funds derived specifically to help students excel. 

They even have a fund that covers broken glasses. Many of us know just how expensive a pair of glasses is. How can you study if you can’t see? “That’s a common one,” Everts said. 

“Right now more than ever, we want every student who wants to be here to be successful. Whether that’s through applying for scholarships, or getting help with emergency assistance, we want to provide that. And an emergency situation doesn’t have to be life or death, it could be that a student has a $300 electrical bill on top of rent, and that’s what’s keeping them from wanting to come back next term. Well we want to take care of that.”

Everts herself has been “at rock bottom.” She knows what it’s like to have nothing, and she can’t express enough that the Foundation is here for you. Whether you’re thrown off course just a little, or a lot, there is something out there for everyone in need. 

Roadrunner Resource Center 

Contact Roadrunner Resource Center at if you need any sort of help. Roadrunner Resources is here to aid with any student resource needs. If you need healthcare, insurance, have questions about tuition, food scarcity, diapers, internet, bills, or anything that is a barrier to your education, they’re here for you. 

In addition to emergency funds, there is money out there through scholarships, which isn’t accessed enough. Oftentimes there are scholarships that sit there without a home, just because no one applied. This money goes unused, waiting for someone in need. This includes money that not only goes towards school fees and books, but also money that can go in your pocket. 

The scholarship process at LBCC couldn’t be any more user friendly. In fact, you do not have to apply for each individual scholarship; LBCC offers an easy, convenient, and cohesive single general application that automatically considers you for scholarships you qualify for. 

And it’s not just athletes and 4.0 students who qualify. 

“Our scholarships are rarely merit-based. Most of our scholarships only require a 2.5 or a 2.0. We know that if there’s a student who is a single parent with three kids, and is getting a 2.8, that that student is rocking it!” Everts said.  

The first scholarship cycle opens Sept. 22 and runs until Oct. 22. You can apply at

Additionally, students can participate in a scholarship workshop that will be held Oct. 6. It has not been decided whether this workshop will be held in person at LB, or over Zoom. Stay tuned for further details.

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