LBCC Graduation: CARmencement.

Whoops, hallers’ and cheers echo through the halls of the LBCC campus as the 2020/2021 covid-friendly graduation ‘CARmencement’ commences on June 9 and 10. Graduating students and their car-bound supporters are led through a maze in the northeast parking lot where the staff have put on a congratulatory show. Dressed up in graduation gear, the faculty line the sidewalks while they eagerly and loudly cheer on their students as they drive by; bubbles and the sounds of bells, chimes, drums, and tambourines fill the air. Towards the end of this merriment, the moving-on student is able to briefly pop out of their vehicle where they are greeted by more cheerful faculty and presented with their diploma and an announcement of their future plans. To seal the deal, they’re gifted with a singular red rose, a photo op, and a festive blue-vanilla cupcake. Congratulations to all of the accomplishing students – you did it!

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