Irregular Horror on Netflix

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The Netflix original series “The Irregulars” is a horror-like supernatural setting that is based on the Sherlock Holmes books. This series came out on March 26. It is about a group of teenagers that live in London, England during the 1800s who have recurring nightmares about supernatural beings that they believe are in London with them. 

While living their own lives there is this man who watches over the kids in Apartment 221B, Sherlock Holmes’ apartment. The group of teenagers struggled to make ends meet to make sure they don’t live on the streets. The main kids that in this show are Jessie( Darcie Shaw), Billy(Jojo Macari), Bea( Thaddea Graham) , Spike(McKell David), Leopold(Harrison Osterfield), Doctor Watson(Royce Pierreson), and Sherlock Holmes(Henry Lloyd-Hughes). 

Among the challenges for the teens: Jessie gets nightmares where she sees a doctor from the black plague she believes is going to kill her; and Bea is looking at her mother’s gravestone when Holmes’ collaborator Dr. Watson appears to enlist her help and is willing to pay for the task. Watson wants Bea to find four babies that have disappeared over the past couple of days.

If you don’t mind a little bit of gore and like mystery films this is a good show for that. Twists and turns abound throughout the series, whether about what is happening in London or where the missing babies went. Then for good measure, the creators have included a lot of romance between Bea and Leopold. 

While watching this series for the first time everything was very out there, where each of the main characters had seen a different part of what is happening in London around the time setting. The main kids have attitudes from being on the streets most of their life. 

The plotline was very predictable where I could see what was going to happen next before it even happened. With the characters,you could see what life was giving them and the pain they went through with the events that were in their lives being teenagers living in an abandoned house and pretty much living off the streets. The character’s backstories were pretty genuine about everything. 

The executive producer of the show Tom Bidwell said, “It’s quite a unique show with many genres; it’s adventure, it’s horror, it’s crime, it’s romance, it’s fantasy, it’s a mystery.” 

But Brian Tallerico, a blog writer, had a different experience with the show. He said, “the direction here too often feels flat and shapeless, bouncing around a costume drama in which they don’t always look comfortable or genuine.”

This series has a lot of chilling things that happen from beginning to end, it will put you on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next. “The Irregulars” will leave you wanting more over and over again through each episode.

The actors were divided between who liked the series and who didn’t. The actors who played Bea( Thaddea Graham), Jessie( Darci Shaw) and Leopold (Harrison Osterfield)were very intrigued by the backstory and were in the zone and wanted to keep filming. The rest of the class didn’t really like what was going on with the storyline and how it was all about Bea and Jessie for the most part,they got a lot of the screen time instead of the rest of the group. 

At a Glance:

The Irregulars 

Starring: Harrison Osterfield (Leopold), Thaddea Graham (Bea), Darci Shaw ( Jessie), Jojo Marari (Billy), McKell David (spike), Royce Pierreson ( Doctor Watson), Henry Lloyd-Hughes ( Sherlock Holmes)

Summary: spin-off of the Sherlock Holmes books

Rated: TV-14

Showing at: Netflix

Distributor: Netflix 

Rating: ***

Genre: mystery, fantasy, romance, crime, horror adventure

Release date: March 26, 2021

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