Breath of Fresh Air

SLC President Angie Geno; Photo provided by Rob Camp

Did you know the volume of Will Smith’s high flat top hair from the 90’s is 198 inches cubed?  Student Leadership Council President Angie Geno calculated this in her interval calculus class, and it’s clear she’s brought the same breath of fresh air to the SLC team at the youthful age of 18. 

Dual enrolled at Linn-Benton Community College and Oregon State University in Bio Health and Psychology, Geno plans to graduate with her six series and bachelors next year, and she’s not stopping there. She wishes to get into a masters program at ASU where she can get her masters of science and regulatory affairs in medical devices, where she will focus on the laws surrounding human ethics to be able to safely produce an item. 

“Our job is to look at what engineers in clinical trials are doing to make sure their ethically in the law, FDA approved, submitting the paper work,” said Geno in an interview. 

What do you want to do after college? 

“I would realistically like to work at a large company that makes medical devices — I would love to be in that regulatory aspect. But at the same time I have definitely debated getting a PHD in marketing on top of that masters, so I would love to be in private consulting and specializing in a couple subset countries, and helping market as well as the regulations at a private consulting firm.” 

What motivated you to want to go into regulatory affairs? 

“For me it was because I like science, I was never big into math, but I found very early on that doing research in ‘research and development’ was not for me, however I didn’t want to waste my time put in and my love for science. So when I found this, as well as the writing and law side of regulatory affairs, I really liked it; the writing and science.” 

Geno’s home life was just as interesting. Her father was in the military, and she was born in Japan. After living there for about a year and a half, they moved to the U.S.A., landing in Illinois for another two years, followed by a move to lushes Honolulu, Hawaii. After several years of travel, her and her family landed in Oregon where she has now spent most of her time, and what she considers her “home state.” 

“There’s not much of a home town; yeah I was born in Japan, but I’ve lived in Oregon the longest,” said Geno. 

Perhaps it’s a life of culture that has brought Geno into a motivating presidential position, but it’s no surprise that she has created a great relationship between SLC and the LBCC Board of Education. 

“She’s done a lot for the SLC team,” said academic SLC advisor Rob Camp in an email. 

“We’ve built a really good relationship, we meet with a lot of different people and never have conflicts. Between myself, my team, and the college, I think we’ve done a really good job,” said Geno. 

How did you go about building that better relationship?

“I think the first thing was just having that communication, like writing the board reports for the board of education meeting every month.”

So what inspired you to run for president? 

“After class mates Jonathan Media and Marissa Miles inspired me to join, I was running for V.P., but when a series of factors left our Presidential position vacant, I was able to transition into the presidential position.” 

What’s been the biggest accomplishment for you and your SLC team? 

“When I sat down with Rob Camp, there were three things I wanted to do this year. I wanted to build my confidence, I wanted my team to feel comfortable — I wanted to make sure this was a really safe space for them and that they feel supported, and I wanted to make sure SLC had a really good relationship with the college because I knew over the years we just weren’t as close, or there was a lot of issues with them just not mentioning things to us about tuition in the past years. So I wanted to take that on and build a really transparent relationship, and add to it.” 

What’s been the biggest challenge?

“I’ve actually spent a lot of time talking with my team about this. One of our biggest challenges was that we couldn’t meet in person, so we missed out on a lot of that spontaneous or in depth conversations that just kind of happen. But I think with what we’ve accomplished and how we’ve engaged together with our group as a team, that we have done really well even with COVID.” 

Who has been a huge help to you on Campus? 

“The Board of Education which definitely raises a lot of conversation about tuition. They’re very patient, and they love hearing student feedback which I appreciate so much because they don’t have to, and I love so much that we have a board of education that really cares about the student voice as well as a college who also cares as well.” 

It’s apparent that Geno couldn’t have done this without a cooperative LB faculty. 

“Another big piece would be the finance team, Sheldon From and Jess Jacobs. We work with them so much, and they’re always so patient; we ask a lot of questions, and they’re always so patient and kind.” 

Additionally, Geno notes that “Jennifer Bowman is an impeccable woman. She helped train us for the senate meeting — if you have a question, she can answer it.” 

Tell me about how you’ve directly helped the students. 

“We’ve donated money so students can access textbooks, we’ve donated to the food drive for Thanksgiving to help with students, and we’ve done lots of events where students could win gift cards.”

In 2020, for the Thanksgiving Food Drive at LBCC, which goes directly to students and staff members, Geno and her team donated a whopping $5,000. This is $2,000 – $3,000 more than what’s become standard in the previous years. With SLC funding coming solely from student fee’s, her and her team wanted to give back as much as possible.  Additionally, we’ve gotten the highest voting percent in the student body in the history SLC.”

Are you upset to be exiting this position?

“No, I’m so excited because I’m staying on next year hopefully as legislative affairs, and I know Hannah Briggs [2022 school years new elected president] is going to make a really great president. She was on my team this year and is always really engaged, she’s definitely in there for the voice of the student. So I have no doubts, I’m not bummed at all, I’m just really excited to see where it’s going to go.”

Are there any regrets, or is there anything you wish you could’ve gotten done?

“I actually have no regrets! It seems weird because you’re online, and you might feel limited but  I think it’s safe to say we’ve done more than the team in the past, if not two years combined. I had a really powerful team who was very motivated. We’ve had our ups and downs, and it was hard to stay motivated as we had a couple problems with that in the online world, however regarding how they act as my team, they’ve been phenomenal.” 

President Angie Geno has brought forth a stable structure of communication with Linn-Benton Community College and the SLC team, and with this strong gust of fresh air, may it push the new SLC team further into success. 

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