A Black Lives Matter Protest Held at the Albany Courthouse Attracts a Crowd

On April 23, hundreds of community members gathered in solidarity for Nehemiah, a 13-year-old who fell victim of a hate crime.
“No Home For Hate In Albany” reads a sign in the crowd.

Earlier in April there was a 13-year-old boy who was a victim of a hate crime. Nehemiah was at Swanson Park in Albany, when his friends started saying racial slurs to him. While he was walking away, four teenagers beat him and kicked him in the face. Leaving him with cuts and bruises all over his face and body.

On April 23, there was a rally for Nehemiah and his family showing the town’s support for the family at the Albany courthouse. It was a huge turnout of the whole town and community. There were hundreds of people along with members of the City Council of Albany. There is a Go Fund Me page for Nehemiah and his family on the NAACP website. Currently Nehemiah is at home not willing to leave his home nor go to school because he is scared of being hurt again.

Sharing and spreading information on social media can be helpful, but this participant would argue that it’s not enough.
One of the rally participants holds up a cardboard sign that says “White people, commit to anti-racism now”

Story and photos by Chrissy Veach

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