Team Reunited

Games are not on the horizon just yet for LBCC’s baseball team, but they’re just happy to be able to practice together.

As sports are finally getting back to practicing, lets see how the baseball team has been doing so far this season. The head coach for the baseball team, Andy Peterson, said, “It has been unbelievable getting back to practicing!” He continues, “It was a long quarantine for me this summer, most of us were sitting at home by ourselves, working out by ourselves, so it really doesn’t get any better than this.”

“The first two weeks of practice were the small pods and getting back to conditioning and strengthening their legs from their COVID-19 bodies. I think mentally for everyone, getting up in the morning for weight lifting, just having school in some kind of routine, and even them simply getting to hang out in groups outside I think is good for all of us.”

  • How has it been getting back to practicing and finally getting back to it? What are some things that you found to be positive throughout this time?

Student athlete, second year player Emiliano Alarcon said, “I’m just glad to be back with the team. Seeing all the new guys and then all the guys who came back from last year. It was something I missed when our last season got cut short.”

“There wasn’t a lot of baseball the whole spring and summer. So just being able to be at least out here, even though it’s a little different, we’re back on the same field and same game. It’s fun right now. I’m excited for this season even without knowing when we can compete again. We’re just working hard everyday until we’re allowed to play, whenever that may be. We’re not worried too much about that, just going one day at a time.” 

Freshman student-athlete player Jacob Morrow, said, “Starting up again with baseball has been awesome! It’s super nice to be able to get out here. Our coaches have been doing a good job keeping us organized, and it’s awesome to be out on the diamond again.”

“It definitely is different starting my first season as a freshman, you have to embrace it really. You have to learn everything you get from it. Once in a lifetime experience, especially with COVID happening, embrace it, and learn from it. The coaches have been just great, working their butts off to have us out here.”

  • Do you think starting this season going through COVID still, has it brought your team together? 

“I mean we’re all in the same struggle bus. We definitely bonded together, right now again, with COVID are just hanging out with ourselves as a team. It’s just us. “

Though COVID-19 has put a screeching halt to sports, this team is excited and extremely grateful to even be able to be in the same space together and get back into the game that they love playing. Even though no one knows when they are going to be able to get back in front of an audience and play baseball with another team, simply practicing has been really valuable for everyone, not just for the game but for the whole team having a sense of being able to do something together. 

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