Halloween Contests!

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A Very Fang-Tastic Halloween Contest

Hosted by the Student Leadership Council and Co-Hosted by The Commuter

Date: October 26th, 2020 – November 1st, 2020

Each year the Student Leadership Council hosts a large party, usually hosted in the Commons Cafeteria for LBCC students and the community. Each year the event hosted on campus is filled with candy, contests, pumpkin carving and games. However, this year has been different due to the sudden unprecedented COVID-19. The student leadership team had to improvise to still make this event fun, even if that entails the event being hosted online instead of in person.

For the week of October 26 through November 1, any LBCC student may submit their contest entries. There will be one contest introduced each day of the week, however, you may enter them on any day of the week. All submissions may be sent via instagram post/message tag @LbCommuter or via post/message on LB Live. #Fang

Contest one will be our biggest contest yet! Simple, dress up in your favorite costume and post a photo with the hashtag #Fang and @ to the Commuters instagram, SLC instagram or via LB Live. Contest two invites you to post your favorite photo representing fall time. Our third contest will be a jar of candy and you must get the correct number of candies in the jar to win! Next, we have the chance for you all to create the best spooky hashtag for Halloween 2020! Feel free to be creative. Lastly, we said what we said… May the best pumpkin carving win! Post your best pumpkin carvings of this year and compete with your fellow peers of LBCC.

Media: The Commuter @LbCommuter Student leadership @SLC.Connect or LB Live

So… What are the contests Simplified?

Contest #1 Halloween Costume contest. Submit your best costumes! Grand Prize: $50.00 gift card to the place of your choice!

Contest #2 A photo that represents why you like fall

Contest #3 Guess the number of candy in the jar

Contest #4 Create the best spooky hashtag for Halloween 2020

Contest #5 May the best pumpkin carving win

Contest one will have a grand prize of $50.00 and contests 2-5 will have a $20.00 gift card prize!

Graphic courtesy of freepik.com

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