Tenet Takes Back Theaters

“Tenet” is the latest film from director Christopher Nolan. With the film finally seeing release in theaters (after being pushed back from its initial July release date due to concerns over COVID-19), it’s not only a great film to help welcome audiences back; but another spectacular film from a talented filmmaker.

The story follows an unnamed CIA operative (John David Washington), who is part of a unit tasked with trying to prevent World War III from breaking out. Armed with the word “tenet” as part of their skill set, the race is on to stop a deadly weapon from being unleashed with the help of a knighted MI6 contact (Michael Caine); a charming arms dealer (Robert Pattinson); and an enigmatic woman (Rachel McAdams), in what’s easily Nolan’s most mind bending and unique film since “Inception” ten years ago. 

In many ways, the film can be seen as a spiritual successor to “Inception” while also recalling “The Prestige.” The method of “inversion” presents a unique take on time travel and provides a myriad of impressive action scenes over the span of 150 minutes. The film opens on a pulse-pounding skirmish at the International Opera House in Ukraine, and the intensity continues throughout the film. From a high-octane car chase on the streets of London to a multi-tiered final battle in a Poland rock quarry; this $200 million production shows that practical action is alive and well in a post-CG age. One notable scene features a plane being crashed into a hangar on land.

Above all, “Tenet” is another fantastic film from Nolan and a great choice to help ease back into theaters. If you’re able to make it, it’s highly recommended to check out.

  • Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan
  • Starring John David Washington, Michael Caine, Robert Pattinson and Rachel McAdams
  • Rated PG-13
  • My Rating: *****/5
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