Blessings in Disguise

  Yin and Yang. Positive and negative. Give and take. These are the extremes I have been able to feel during this historical time in our lives. Whilst many of world are in the most devastating times in their lives, I have been enormously lucky (although, I think it’s more than luck) enough to catch the opposite side of the coin. People right now are dying, hurting, losing loved ones and finances, and I can feel the world crumbling all around me. I hope I’m not the only one to say this, but ironically I have never been more freely happy in my life. 

      Previously, I was making a career out of restaurant management, and doing a great job at that. I was able to travel, meet cool new people, and have a paycheck that allowed me to live without much fear. That’s the dream, right? Or… at least that’s what they say. For me, this just didn’t cut it. My hunger for more is boundless and my lack of fear is endless. I knew I couldn’t keep up the “smile and nod” shamble for too long, but was scared to leave a comfortable situation. Then Covid-19 hit, and I was laid off. To my dismay, this was one of the best blessings in disguise. I now had to make a change, and no way was I going back to the service industry. The plan was to go back to school for a while now, but now it’s actually happening, for which I am overjoyed. 

            I had 6 months off… 6 months of paid time off. This was more time off and money then I had ever had in my adult life, and I got to spend it all with my dog (okay, the boyfriend too). Everything started to change for the better – my dog’s behavior, my mental state of mind and physical state. I was able to have time to indulge in the things that I love, and better yet, discover new hobbies that I never knew I’d fall in love with. My relationships blossomed with my honey, friends and family. All of this following my road of addiction recovery and the death of a son (both of which are unrelated), I am now living my best life. 

    I am so brokenhearted for those in pain in the world and I want every opportunity possible presented so I can be there to love my neighbor, but I am so grateful for the way things have turned out for me. 

    With every inch of my being, I hope that there are glimpses of light for all of you during this trying time in our world. After just watching the Star Wars trilogy for the first time recently, I’ll bid you adieu with this… 

May the force be with you. 


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