COVID-19 Forces School to Keep Most of Campus Closed

Takena hall is left bare since every student is attending online school in place of on campus learning. You could hear a pin drop in this desolate environment.

As summer comes to an end, the Linn-Benton Community College campus is still closed and will continue to be so, as they will continue doing mostly online learning. The usually bustling community college is deserted and just about the only people on campus are the public security and building staff. 

Loss Prevention Coordinator Adam Weaver said that there has been a few changes to the Public Safety Office due to COVID-19, such as sanitizing shared work spaces, ranging from the vehicles to offices, and other spaces that are often used. Officers also have been taking daily temperatures in their department as well as a daily health survey.

He also mentions that, as the campus is mostly closed, the majority of the buildings have been off-limits to the public at the present time. As a result of this, they have been seeing significantly fewer people around campus except for a few staff or faculty. 

Classrooms appear abandoned with faculty and students operating from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Seems as though Summer break hasn’t come to an end for the campus just yet.
LBCC Hallway tables are usually filled with studying or sleeping college students. With the unprecedented campus closure, these seats are now barren.
 It’s never been easier to find an open and close to campus parking spot. Only public safety and a few faculty members are able to take advantage of this at the time.
Typically booming this time of year, the advising center is closed and is providing assistance virtually. If you’re in need of the advising centers help you can find them here.

Weaver says, “There are less people, however, our mission to protect the people and property of LBCC hasn’t changed.”

So all in all, LBCC looks almost as empty as it could be, with unused buildings and parking lots containing fewer than ten cars.  

If you need to find any resources or reach out to the college, check out the LBCC  website. 

Stories and photos by Hikari Kawai.

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