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NBC’s The Office wrapped up its final season in 2013, but the demand for more has been on a steady rise in recent years with viewers watching 52 million minutes of the show in 2018 just on Netflix alone. The Office has become something special in my household. I have watched the series enough times that I can jump in on any episode and know exactly what is happening, and even guess the name of the episode based on the cold-open, which I consider to be a special talent.

When I heard there was going to be a podcast dedicated strictly to The Office, I was elated because I would be able to get more insight and knowledge about my all-time favorite show.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who acted on The Office together, have created a podcast that gives insight on every episode from start to finish and answers all of fans’ burning questions.

The Office Ladies podcast streams on Earwolf, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, with a new episode added weekly on Wednesdays. Co-hosts Fischer and Kinsey often bring in special guests such as John Krasinski, a fellow actor on the show, Phil Shea, the prop master, and Greg Daniels, creator and writer of The Office, to give even more insight on what life was like on set.

If you are like me, you may have questions about The Office that aren’t answered on websites like Dunderpedia, a website that contains all-things The Office. Fischer and Kinsey’s podcast answers real fan questions by researching and interviewing people from the show. Fischer and Kinsey take great pride in answering fan’s questions to the best of their ability.

The podcast is accessible to everyone with no subscriptions or fees, but there are advertisements. Listeners can pay for premium Earwolf to avoid advertisements, and Spotify and Apple Podcasts premium listeners can skip through advertisements as well. Otherwise, the podcast is free to everyone and is available on any streaming device.

On any given episode of Office Ladies, Fischer and Kinsey begin with a short summary of the episode they are discussing, usually followed by “fast facts” from Fischer. These fast facts are usually pieces of trivia or important details about the show that the viewers are usually not aware of.

Following the summary and fast facts, Fischer and Kinsey begin by dissecting the episode and answering fans’ write-in questions as they come throughout the episode. They will also talk about things fans, or they themselves, catch in the background. It could be anything from a character’s computer screen, one of the actor’s “breaking” out of character in the back of a scene, or a sticky note that has a funny picture posted on a character’s desk.

Some episodes have guest stars or important people who helped with that particular episode. Fischer and Kinsey will often bring in these guests to talk on the podcast and give insight on what it was like to be a part of that episode.

The podcast usually wraps up with the ending of the episode being talked about. Fischer and Kinsey often remind listeners what episode they will be watching and discussing for the next week’s podcast before signing off.

It’s a good idea to watch the episode being talked about the night before the podcast airs to be refreshed on what’s going on.

In her own review of Office Ladies, featured in Catholic University’s newspaper The Tower, Caroline Morris writes that the “podcast is a funny, informative, and an engaging listen, good for huge fans to learn more about the show they love or a great opportunity for people to watch the show through for the first time and learn as they go.”

The podcast has allowed The Office fans to ask questions about the show and get those questions answered. Fischer and Kinsey’s podcast has focused on more than just the show itself, but what was going on behind the scenes.

If you follow Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey on social media, you’ll know that they are best friends, even though their characters on The Office disliked each other for the majority of the series. Their friendship is what sparked the idea of the podcast and is what makes it work so well.

On the downside, Fischer and Kinsey being best friends means that they sometimes get off topic during their podcasts and talk about other things like what’s going on in their lives or Game of Thrones, and less about The Office. This may make some listeners mad, because they want strictly The Office talk.

Personally, Fischer and Kinsey’s off-topic discussions are what makes the podcast so great. I feel like I am listening to them talk, and it gives the podcast a more personal feel.

The Office is a show that we all feel that we can relate to, so it only makes sense that Fischer and Kinsey could do the same for their podcast.

In an interview with Phoebe Lett from The New York Times, Fischer and Kinsey discuss what sparked their interest in doing a podcast together. Kinsey talks about how she and Fischer were reminiscing about The Office when Kinsey found a bunch of boxes filled with memorabilia from the show. Kinsey said that the upcoming 15-year anniversary of The Office would be “a great opportunity for us to rewatch [The Office] and talk about our memories, our behind-the-scenes moments and share it with the fans,” (The 15 year anniversary was March 24, 2020).

When asked why a podcast, Fischer said that “Rainn Wilson [who played Dwight Schrute] used to say we should have our own talk show. That was what morphed into the idea of a podcast — we wanted to be storytellers and tell our stories out loud.”

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s Office Ladies podcast has made watching The Office even more exciting for myself and other fans alike. My Wednesday drives are always more enjoyable with the Office Ladies.

Starring: Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
Summary: Breakdown of each episode of “The Office” from two people who were there from start to finish
Awards and Nominations: Shorty Award (nomination), 2019 Discover Pods Awards (winner)
Air Date: Every Wednesday (excluding holidays)
Stream On: Earwolf, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts
Distributor: Earwolf
Rating: 5/5
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