Katie Littlefield Appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Commuter for 2020-21

LBCC student Katie Littlefield will be the next editor-in-chief of The Commuter, the college’s award-winning student newspaper.

Littlefield was appointed Wednesday by the college’s Student Publications Committee, which is comprised of LBCC students, faculty and staff. She succeeds McKenna Christmas, who took over as editor-in-chief spring term, leading The Commuter during the college’s unprecedented lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Littlefield, entering her second year at LBCC, has had a regular byline in the paper attached to her work as a reporter, photographer and editor. 

During her interview with the publications committee, she emphasized her desire to reach out to other parts of the campus, encouraging a wider variety of students and staff to contribute to the weekly newspaper, the LBCommuter website, and its social media platforms. 

“LBCC has so many amazing students with great talents that I want to showcase to our whole school,” she wrote in her application for editor-in-chief. “I believe that one of the greatest responsibilities The Commuter has is student involvement and appreciation. This has been done very well over the years and I got to witness it first hand while working as managing editor for two terms. I’d like to amplify the voices of LBCC and showcase the hidden talents at this community college.”

The responsibilities of The Commuter’s editor-in-chief include appointing and managing the newspaper’s staff; coordinating the work of the staff, including assigning and editing stories and photos; leading staff meetings and other newspaper activities; and representing the newspaper in the college community.

For more information about getting involved in The Commuter, Littlefield can be contacted at katherine.littlefield.5238@mail.linnbenton.edu  or via the newspaper’s email at commuter@linnbenton.edu.

For more information about journalism at LBCC, contact The Commuter’s faculty adviser, Rob Priewe, at priewer@linnbenton.edu. To see more work by students in LBCC’s journalism program, see their blogs at robpriewe.blogspot.com

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