Spring In Their Step: Coach Peterson And His New Squad Carry Last Season’s Success into Opening Weekend

Assistant Coach Mike Takamori jogs to the dugout.

It was a bright and beautiful weekend at Dick McClain field, where the Roadrunners had no issue taking care of their new competition. Second year Head Coach Andy Peterson made sure to let his men know that their field was their home, and to defend it; and they did. LBCC started the weekend off with a doubleheader against the Yakima Valley College Yaks, where they started slow each contest but scored a solid five runs to secure the wins. Yakima finished last season 30-19 with a 19-9 record in division, so their competition is nothing to scoff at.

CF Ian Mcintyre nailed two hits in the early innings that set up the bases for success, and brought the energy for it, giving a quick flex to the dugout whenever he stopped at second base. His energy and commitment was something that stuck out any time he fielded the diamond.

“This is a special group of players and coaches,” said Mcintyre, “I just want to bring a lot of energy to the field each and every time I get the chance to play.”

The center fielder took a break from school to work on his game in Kent, WA, and the success will be measured as the season goes on.

After a successful series on Saturday, LBCC went on to play the Everett Community College Trojans. Coach Peterson and his history with the Trojans goes beyond baseball; He coached Everetts head coach, Kyle Nobach, during his tenure as an undergraduate at Oregon State. Nobach played for Everett before heading to Oregon State, eventually taking the head coaching job at his alma mater.

“I plan on beating Petey’s (Coach Peterson’s) butt,” said Nobach lightheartedly.

Nobachs plans didn’t go the way he expected, as the Beaks let the offense rip, scoring nine runs in both contests on the day; led by an impressive eight total runs from Trey Hagerman and Maxwell Long. The Trojans finished first in the NWAC north last season, with a 39-11 overall record and a 19-5 record in division. Nobach and his Trojans get their chance at payback on their own turf, as LBCC looks to play them in a four game series on the road next weekend.

“Being the first weekend, I was very impressed with how the guys showed up competitive and confident. The little mistakes are expected this early in the season, but are great for the younger guys to learn from,” said Coach Peterson.

After the Beaks finish up on the road against Everett, they’ll head down to Yakima Valley to play not only the Yaks, but also play two games against the Southwestern Oregon Community College Lakers for their first in division match-up of the year.

“Seeing the freshmen compete for the first time was fun to see. The whole lineup was competitive top to bottom, and they showed up believing in their stuff. Everyone has something to work on ahead of Everett. It’s a long season, so who knows what’s ahead,” added Peterson.

Story by Cam Hanson

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