Samaritan Health to Introduce SamCare Mobile Medicine Unit to LBCC

The Pastega children pose in front of a bus donated to to Samaritan Health Services for use in helping serve the underserved in our region. Photographed in Corvallis, Ore., Saturday July 21, 2018. (Photo by Timothy J. Gonzalez)

Health care and medical bills in 2020 are as expensive as they’ve ever been. Because of these costs skyrocketing in the past 10 years, it has become increasingly difficult to receive health care services and treatment for illness without feeling like you are at a loss. Thankfully, LBCC students, faculty, and other members of the community will soon be able to take advantage of these benefits in an affordable and convenient way.

Starting February 18, LBCC students, staff, and community will have access to all the basic healthcare services they need; thanks to Samaritan Health bringing a SamCare Mobile Medicine Unit to the Linn-Benton campus. Located in parking lot 1 off Allen Lane on the south side, the health care resource will be there for the remainder of the school year.

Launching in 2018 thanks to a donation by the Pastega Family Foundation, the SamCare Mobile Medicine program is a new undertaking by Samaritan Health looking to make health care easier to access while helping to lower the number of visits to urgent care; which is very costly.

SamCare mobile is just one of many mobile medical programs across the country. The unit is a 40-foot vehicle containing two clinical exam rooms and a check-in area, which are staffed by Samaritan clinicians. Some services that it will offer include bi-monthly vaccines and routine checkups. Patients can also receive care for illnesses such as earaches, sprains or strains, small cuts or abrasions, minor burns, mild asthma, urinary tract infections, depression and anxiety screenings and referrals, flu symptoms, and infections.

Patients can receive these services without an appointment, but if you want to make an appointment, you can call 541-768-2220. In order to be treated, you must have your insurance card. If you don’t have insurance, however, a staff member can help you obtain insurance or apply for a Samaritan financial services program.

Story by Davis Ihde

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