Local Artist Kaylee Marshe Uses LBCC As A Means To Pursue Her Passion

Kaylee Marsh, 17, from South Albany High School, strives to become a tattoo artist. She is still unsure of her exact major, but she knows that she wants it to be art-centered. Her motivation to begin pursuing art derived from her uncle.

“My dad wasn’t really in the picture at the time,” Marsh said. She then went on to explain the connection of art to her uncle.

“He watched over me most of my childhood and he inspired me to get into it,” she said. Her uncle was an artist himself, which led to her interest.

Marsh doesn’t intend for her work to have any particular meaning, although some of her pieces could be described as political. Her main ideas for her work are taken from elements of the woods and forests.

As much as her art expresses her own inner ideas and creativity, it also has left an impact on herself in a larger way.

“The more effort I put into my work, the more confident I feel in myself,” Marsh said.

There are many creators within our communities and LBCC that contribute their creativity in a variety of ways. From artists to actors, their work is displayed in different forms. Some of the art can be seen on campus in various galleries, as well as in the theater.

Damian Riley, 19, who is attending college here at LBCC, is in theater with hopes of becoming a voice actor for video games such as Persona 5.

Riley will be acting as the scarecrow in the upcoming play “A Scarecrow in OZ,” which premieres on Saturday, February 8 at the Russell Tripp Performance Center.

Acting has been something that he has been working on and a part of for about six years. It all began when he watched the Spiderman movies growing up.

Acting has also helped him find his own path in life. “Acting and theater has left a big impact on me,” said Riley. “I know what I want to do.”

There are several open doors offered at LBCC to pursue your dream in visual arts and theater. LBCC offers many options through their Visual Arts degree.

Some of the art galleries here on campus can be found in North Santiam Hall, South Santiam Hall, and the Calapooia Gallery. Work of your own can be submitted as well, as they often display student art.

Theater is also offered here at LBCC, which can be a pathway toward becoming an actor, director, and many other related careers. It is also a great way to get involved with both the school and community, making new connections with others along the way.

Story by Megan Freitas

Creators in the community contribute their work in different ways.
Where: LBCC campus in Albany, including North Santiam Hall, South Santiam Hall, and the Calapooia Gallery
“A Scarecrow In Oz,” February 8, in the Russell Tripp Performance Center
Director: Dan Stone

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