Remembering The Life And Accomplishments of Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant

Photo Courtesy of Joe Glorioso

On Sunday, January 26, the world lost a legend by the name of Kobe Bean Bryant. The impact left on the lives of people from all around the world was truly powerful. All throughout the media there were constant stories and nostalgics of Kobe, a man who touched the lives of millions of people, and not only athletes.

His mentality and motivation toward perfecting his craft and being the best possible Kobe Bryant he could be was inspiring to us all. The mamba mentality, the strive for greatness, the will to work to become the best, was instilled inside Kobe, and that’s what he wanted to instill in the world. This type of motivation doesn’t have to pertain to only athletics, it’s just an everyday will and pursuit. Countless people have been affected by Kobe and his signature mentality and it’s safe to say he changed the lives of people from all over, and not just people on the court.

This loss was felt immensely across the world, especially inside arenas. In multiple NBA games, the opening possessions for each team were intentional 24-second shot clock violations in honor of the late #24. One player in a different game even switched his jersey number prior to the game from #11 to #8 to honor the great #8.

The impact Kobe had on the court with his playstyle, his mamba mentality, and his success was equal to the impact he had off the court by inspiring people worldwide and igniting the flame and desire for people to be their best selves. Kobe Bryant is no longer with us, but his legacy and his mentality will live on forever.

Story by Isaiah Haqq

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