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On Monday we officially move into Aquarius season. As the fixed air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is deeply invested in follow through, intellectual paradigms, and precise in utilizing this knowledge for the good of the collective. Aquarius is known as our Water Bearer. Bringing resources together for their community, gathering information to disperse throughout life with the intention of inspiring the greater whole. They are team workers, though also very individualized in their opinions, personal style and resolve.

This year we are moving into The Age of Aquarius. Perhaps you have heard of this before, coming from a song written by The 5th Dimension in 1969, foretelling of greater compassion, community and consciousness. “The Age’s” comes from a cycle between Saturn (limitations) and Jupiter (inspiration), where every 20 years they “meet up” (planetary conjunction) in a specific sign of the zodiac. The element and characteristics of the sign which this conjunction occurs in helps shape what kind of mutations will occur during the cycle.

For Aquarius, we can look forward to seeing an influx of co-operation between communities, overhaul of outdated intelligence, swift action and curation of ideas (think viral subjects on the web and communications, emphasis on artificial intelligence) joint effort in setting boundaries against outdated behaviors, in order to encourage new found inspiration for our community.

On a personal level, this can be a time to decipher what you truly are longing for in your experience on earth, be honest about what limitations may come up, set boundaries to support yourself and actualize your unique output and interaction with the world.

Astro Dictionary:
Fixed Air: *see chart for the characteristics of cardinal, fixed and mutable signs
Conjunction: Diagram credit:
Saturn: As one of the most distant yet visible planets from earth, Saturn represents the boundaries that keeps our most earthly delights in place. Saturn is the ruler of karmic ties, learning lessons and overcoming the mental limitations to either our spirituality (Neptune) or joy (Jupiter)
Jupiter: As the largest planet to us and one of the oldest and first named planets, after the Greek God Zeus, Jupiter symbolizes the abundance that is available to us when we follow our knowledge (identifying planet) and joy into a physical, usable form (giving it a purpose; name).